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OASIS learning village – do we need village life to learn to live again?

Our assumption in applying it in a small-town village context was that we work with a context in which we could explore and experience more deeply the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. This saying invites us all to be educators and responsible to create a positive environment for growth. Although it speaks of a child, my conviction is that the child represents us all here. Although the program took place in an actual village setting, what really came through to me was that ‘it takes a village life approach, to raise us all’.

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Oktober 7, 2019 0

Dreams?! Stepping out of the comfort zone

Today is day 3. We have been out to the community before, we have walked the streets of Bad Gandersheim blindfolded yet hearing, smelling and feeling this pretty town, we[…]

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September 29, 2019 0

Review: Oasis Learning Village

From dream to reality on two weekends, this challenge was presented to the residents of Bad Gandersheim in Germany and guests from 6 EU countries. Many said the first it[…]

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Juli 1, 2019 0



Oasis learning village  is an EU Erasmus + funded project developed by the Elos Foundation (Netherlands) and Ideen hoch Drei (Germany) in cooperation with partners across Europe and local partners in Bad Gandersheim. In the framework of ERASMUS + (Key Action 1 mobility for youth workers) 26 participants from Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia, Belgium, Germany, and local citizens are coming together for a 10 days community-action-learning journey based on the Brazilian Oasis Method (Oasis Game) for community builiding and community mobilization in a rural town in germany. The training is aimed at youth workers, social workers, educators and changemakers who live in particular in rural areas.

The training provides space for intercultural exchange between the participating European countries, exchange of learning experiences in the context of current challenges in youth work and social work in Europe, especially with regard to the integration of refugees. The training focuses on working with diversity in communities cultural, generational, social …), community building, promotion of active citizenship and the promotion of social entrepreneurial skills. Training competencies to create and faciliate social spaces (atmosphere, location, diversity, group setting), which will allow to experience our fundamental common values (eg. respect, solidarity, empathy, helpfulness) ​​actively and to promote the integration in daily life.

OASIS Bad Gandersheim

During the training from Mai 17th to Mai 28th 2019, the participants will be the challenged to mobilize the local community in Bad Gandersheim , a rural town between Hannover and Göttingen, to realise a participatory project – an OASIS – which represents collective dreams and visions of the local community and offer solutions to local/global challenges. The process is recognizing, mobilizing and celebrating local talents and resources for the  realisation of the collecive dreams. The Oasis game promotes sustainable livelihoods, welcoming diversity, and generating a path for a positive global bottom-up change.


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