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How to participate

1 Step

If you want to participate in the OASIS learning village program please access as first step the registration form below and answer the questions that we propose.


Please note, any information supplied in the form above will be used solely to resolve your application and will not be passed on to third parties. By sending us the form you agree with our privacy policy. More Information you find in our privacy policy

2 Step

October – April 2018

After your registration we will invite you for personal dialog by online video conference to get know each other.

3 Step

December 2018 / April 2019

This is the moment to say YES. Our community learning journey builts strong on commitment and trustfull relationship. After you got to know us a bit and we got to know you -. it´s the moment to commit to go together on the oasis learning village journey.

4 Step

April / May 2019:

The journey is starting with a first personal Challenge. Be suprised

5 Step

April / May 2019:

Get to know your community of fellows in the oasis learning village project before we meet in May 2019


Practical information:

We have 4 places for participants residing in Germany, 4 for residents in Spain, 4 for residents in Italy, 4 for residents in Belgium, 4 for residents in Slovakia  and 4 for participants from the Netherlands.


Suggested Contribution / Appreciation:

For co-financing the training we ask for your contribution. To be aware of the different social and economic reality of each country and the personal circumstances, we suggest the following contribution, this include the 10 full-day training, food, accommodation and travel costs. The financial contribution is not a selection criteria to participate in the training. We also provide full scholarship, for this please get in contact with your local partner organization in your country.

250 – 500 € (Germany, Netherlands and Belgium)

180 – 350 € (Spain and Italy)

50 – 200 € ( Slovakia)



The training will be in Germany in Bad Gandersheim from the 17th until the 28th of may 2019. The 17th and 28th are travel days.

We will be hosted during the training in the „Friedenswerkstatt“ in Bentierode just a 15 minute bike ride next to Bad Gandersheim.

How to get there:

The next Airport to travel is Hannover. From here you can reach the trainstation Kreiensen in about 40 minutes which is next to Bad Gandersheim.

Frankfurt could be other option to go by flight. From here it is about 2-3 hours by train until Kreiensen.

From Kreiensen we will collect you by car.