Local Organizer:

Ideen Hoch Drei: Ideenhochdrei e.V. (Ideas³) is an non-profit association offering and facilitating innovative learning experience for sustainable development for individuals, groups and communities. It was founded in 2009 and currently has about 80 members throughout Germany. Ideas³ is a politically, economically and religiously independent organization. Ideas³ offer workshops, trainings and experience-based learning formats with focus on youth about themes related to community development, social entrepreneurship, ecology and how each one can start to sustainably shape our worlds future.


International Partners:

Elos Foundation: A European entity based in the Netherlands that promotes the principles, philosophy and practice of the Oasis Game methodology and Elos Philosophy in Holland and other European countries.


Cooperativa Goteo: Based in Madrid. It develops its work in the areas of ecology, community development and social entrepreneurship. They are members of the GSA Madrid group since its formation.


GSA Madrid: It’s a group of people and social entities, mainly cooperatives, that come together to bring the work of the Oasis methodology and the Elos Philosophy to Spain. In close relationship with the Instituto Elos Brazil, founders of the methodology. They have six years of experience with Oasis in Spain.


ACT4Change: Act4Change based in Belgian is a nonprofit youth organization striving for a more sustainable society by supporting young pioneers in sustainable development in their engagement towards this goal. Act4Change realizes this goal by providing network, learning and skill-development opportunities, supporting and nurturing innovative enterprises of youth and stimulating cooperation between youth organizations.  Act4Change’s specific expertise lies in organizing in-depth trainings for youth on the topic of sustainable development and has created a youth platform of pioneers.


Comunitazione: Based in Ceglie Messapica  / Italy. Comunitazione encourages and promotes the bottom up participation, the co-design at various levels, the relationship between citizens and municipality, innovation in social dynamics through active citizenship.


OZ Združenie PRE LEPŠÍ ŽIVOT (Association for a Better Life): Združenie Pre lepší život (Association for a Better Life) is a NGO, which deals with  development and strengthening of rural Roma communities. It is located in Rankovce and its effect reaches villages in Kecerovce – Olšava micro-region. The main objective is all-round development of the Roma community, the priority area focuses on spiritual and personal growth, education, culture and employability.